The Main Course

Product Features Help File

We developed the Main Course accounting system to allow you to run your business the way you want, not the way your accounting system dictates. The base system consists of the Customer, Sales Rep., Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Invoicing, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable & Reports Modules.

The inventory control in the Main Course pays particular attention to serial number tracking and costing. Besides the costing methods of Average, FIFO & LIFO the Main Course offers a Serial Number costing option which will track the cost of transactions based on the actual serial numbers shipped on an invoice.

The Accounts Receivable module includes a special collections tracking option which allows you to record free form comments for each open invoice and general comments for a customer. There are also 'tickler' dates which can be associated with each open invoice. These will remind you to call when an account promises to 'pay by the end of the week'.

The Order Entry and Invoicing module supports much of what you would expect. Some specific functions include back-order ability, picking tickets, account status checks, credit hold check, and credit card processing. With the addition of the Electronic Catalogue you have access to an extensive list of all products supplied by all of the major distributors.

The Purchase Order module allows you to generate POs from customer orders singly or in groups based on a first come first served allocation algorithm. If you are using the Service Manager you can also generate POs from parts needed information. Again with the Electronic Catalog you have access to pricing information from all major distributors.

The Accounts Payable module supports multiple checkbooks, recurring invoices, custom check formats, and an option to import deposit information from the Accounts Receivable module.