Main Course R&R Interface and Supplemental Reports

As you may know we will develop custom reports for the system using the R&R Report Writer product from Liveware Publishing. Over the years we have developed many reports for our users and we have now begun to assemble them into a suite of supplemental reports for the Main Course so that everyone can benefit. The first group of reports is available to be purchased as a whole or individually.

In addition you can receive several reports free with the R&R Interace just for asking. So review the list below and the Help file, then give the Sales department a call and let us know which reports you would like to receive.

The Free Reports (RR-0000)
  • Access Levels Listing
  • A/P Credits by G/L
  • A/P Inventory vs PO Receipts
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • K-to-Keep Products Report
  • Product List With User Query

  • The Supplemental Reports ($195 each)
  • RR-0001 Canceled DO By Product
  • RR-0002 Customer Profile
  • RR-0003 Customer Transactions / Customer Transactions with Serial #
  • RR-0004 Item Sales Report
  • RR-0005 Margins with Freight - Detailed / Margins with Freight - Summary
  • RR-0006 Reorder Report with Last Purchase Cost: by Product Code / by Vendor ID
  • RR-0007 Sales by Customer with Customer PO #
  • RR-0008 Serial Numbers by Ship Code