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Main Course Windows Compatible Version

The new V8.00 Main Course and Service Manager are now 32-bit windows applications. The user interface has remained the same. However, the windows interface has been tapped to allow the programs to have direct access to windows printers. The mouse can also be used to select menu choices, highlight text to copy to the clipboard, scroll lists, select items in lists, and jump to any active field on an edit screen.

All changes and fixes available in the interim DOS versions since V6.80 are incorporated into the new version. There are many additional changes unique to the new version. A complete list of changes and fixes is available on the downloads page.

New or Enhanced Features in V8.00
  • Full 32-bit application ensuring compatibility with W2K, WinXP and Vista.
  • All printing uses Windows print drivers.
  • DO, Pick Ticket, PO, Invoice, and Credit Memo user forms all support R&R.
  • Checkbook Report, A/R and A/P Aging reports can be exported to DBF files (compatible with Excel).
  • Customer and Vendor tables now have expanded phone fields to allow for extensions. New fields were also added for cell phone, other phone, website, and e-mail.
  • RMA module now includes a collections screen similar to the A/R module for tracking outstanding credits from vendors.
  • V8.10 is also available. It provides expanded product code and serial number fields. Both have been extended to 24 characters.